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Products for Handicap and Institutional use are available with pre-installed safety bars and seats.

76438 Rob One Piece Barrier Free Shower

76438 Rob One Piece Barrier Free Shower


  • Model Options: 76438 X, S, or B
  • Meets ADA Code
  • High Gloss Gelcoat Finish
  • Shower module shall be additionally reinforced with OSB. All units have an anti-skid floor treatment.
  • The unit shall be installed in a pit 1 3/4" deep so the finished floor will be level with the top of the threshold.
  • The unit shall have nominal outside dimensions of 64" x 38 1/8" and nominal inside dimensions of 60" x 36". Shimming is necessary. It is recommended that a floor drain at or near the entrance to the shower be included.

Universal Laboratory


  • ¼ to ½ “ flange variance
  • Curtain rod and shower curtain available.
  • All units shall have anti-skid floor treatment to meet performance requirements of ASTM F-462-78.
  • Units conform to ANSI A-117.1 and ANSI Z-124.2; the shower also complies with the guidelines issued by ADA, US. Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (A & T.B.C.B.) and with most city, state and national standards for barrier free, accessible shower facilities for the handicapped.
  • Additional back reinforcement is added to provide code complying structural integrity and are sealed from the back side.
  • On Model 76438S the factory supplied components to be included are one stainless steel wrap around grab bar and a fold up seat with white phenolic bench.
  • On Model 76438B the factory supplied components to be included are three stainless steel grab bars, no seat.

This unit is made of sanitary grade high gloss polyester gelcoat with reinforced composite matrix.